2022 VW ID.4 Pro Fuel Economy & Range Announced

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 | Lewisville, TX

When you drive an electric vehicle, fuel economy is everything. You don’t want to be stifled by a limited driving range or poor MPGe performance — especially here in Lewisville, Texas.

Volkswagen knows how important performance is for electric and non-electric cars alike. Known for its stellar engineering, the automaker applied its performance prowess to the 2022 VW ID.4 Pro to achieve exceptional fuel economy. The result is an EPA-estimated range of 280 miles.[1]

This all-electric range is an increase of 20 miles over the 2021 ID.4 Pro model, letting you now travel further in this eco-friendly SUV. According to the EPA, VW ID.4 Pro fuel economy rates translate to 121 MPGe in city driving, 102 MPGe in highway driving, and 112 MPGe in combined city/highway driving.[1]

By extracting more efficient performance from every bit of charge from the 82kWh battery, Volkswagen has been able to increase the travel potential for the VW ID.4 Pro—while still achieving 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque.

For even more power bolstering your electric SUV, opt for all-wheel drive. The drivetrain adds an asynchronous electric motor on the front axle in addition to the permanent-magnet synchronous motor in the rear. The result? A combined peak of 295 horsepower and 339 lb-ft of torque.

See how fun and freeing driving an electric vehicle can be here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when you visit Lewisville Volkswagen and test-drive the 2022 VW ID.4.

[1] 2022 ID.4 Pro EPA estimated total range is 280 miles. EPA estimates: 112 combined city/highway MPGe. 2022 ID.4 Pro S EPA estimated total range is 268 miles. EPA estimates: 106combined city/highway MPGe. 2022 ID.4 AWD Pro EPA estimated total range is 251 miles. EPA estimates: 101 combined city/highway MPGe. 2022 AWD ID.4 Pro S EPA estimated total range is 245 miles. EPA estimates: 95 combined city/highway MPGe. Actual mileage and range will vary and depend on several factors including driving and charging habits, weather and temperature, battery age, and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See owner’s manual for details.